Design Process

Unlike our expert sales staff, not everyone understands the ins and outs of ordering one of our custom coins. We’ll do our best here to provide the information to better understand the ordering process. No matter what, from the initial design until your product is delivered, Absolute Custom Coins will walk you through the process and answer any and all questions you may have. Our staff is committed to providing you the best experience and custom coin for the best value.


Our amazing graphic designers can take your concept and make it a reality. Whether you provide a picture drawn on the back of a napkin to just a general concept explained in words, our artists can take it and provide you with a high-quality drawing to show what your coin will look like. Once a final design is accepted we will provide you a high quality rendering provided by the factory.


Various finishes are available on your custom product. Antique brass, satin silver, copper, black nickel, just to name a few. Check out all our available finishes.


A variety of edges are available on your custom product. View all edges available for your design.


Once our graphic designer has mocked up your coin, we will provide you file showing you what we have conceived. Based on what you wanted, it may be a single mock up or two or three to choose from. We will use this to work up your final design. Once your final design has been approved, we send this off to our factory to begin production.

Below is an example of how our graphic artist took the name and logo from a 5k mud race and provided two race medal options.

Muddy Fanatic Proof Sheet



Our factory will produce your coin and perform all the necessary work to give you the highest quality possible.


After your coins are produced we will perform a quality control check to verify they meet the standards we promised. Once we are satisfied that the coins meet our rigorous standards, we ship them to you in the most efficient manner possible.