Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy/sell/appraise old coins?

While we are huge fans of old coins, we are solely makers of new coins. We have no experience or expertise in buying and selling old coins or providing an appraised value.

Your name is Absolute Custom Coins and I keep seeing you use the term coin. Do you only make custom coins?

We make so much more than just custom coins. Our business started with custom coins and we quickly grew beyond that. We make coins, medals, medallions, belt buckles, bottle openers, wine charms, divot tools, golf ball markers, dog tags, etc. All these items are made the same a custom coin is made, therefore (for simplicity reasons) we refer to everything as a coin. Also, could you imagine if we spelled out our entire list of products instead of just using the term coin? It would quickly get out of control! Don’t worry, if we make your:┬ácoins, medals, medallions, belt buckles, bottle openers, wine charms, divot tools, golf ball markers, dog tags, etc., they will be the highest quality and most competitively priced┬ácoins, medals, medallions, belt buckles, bottle openers, wine charms, divot tools, golf ball markers, dog tags, etc., you can find.

Why don’t you show standard pricing on your site?

Between the coin finishes, edgings, colors, quantities, colors, coatings, etc., there are thousands of possible combinations for your custom coin. Attempting to list standard pricing for your custom product wouldn’t be fair to you. We’d hate for you to look at a very basic pricing list and come up with a number in your head only to request a free, custom quote and receive a number different from what you had come up with. We want to provide you the most accurate price possible and to do this we price on a per job basis. Fill out our form and we will give you the pricing for your exact coin.

Is there a minimum number of coins/medals that I have to order?

Technically no there is not a minimum order amount, but the fewer coins you order the harder it is to spread the cost across the order. For every coin/medal made, each side requires a separate die. These dies have a cost (unless you order a certain quantity, contact us to learn more). Hypothetically (i.e., made up numbers), say each die costs $150; so for a two-sided coin you are looking at $300 in die fees. If you order just 10 coins, you have to divide those $300 die costs across those 10 coins (not to mention the actual coin costs). If you order 1,000 coins, that $300 gets divided across a 1,000 coins (don’t forget on certain size orders die fees are waived, contact us to learn more). See where I’m going? We are more than happy to quote any amount of coins, but sometimes economics wins out.

If you are looking for a standard coin (e.g., enlistment coin, branch coin, etc.), visit our eBay store.

How long does it take to make my coins?

From the time you approve the artwork, normal production time is 3 to 4 weeks. Rush orders are sometimes possible, for an added cost. Contact us to find out more.

What are the different finishes/edges/options that I can get on my coin?

We know not everyone understands the coin industry jargon. For this reason, we have created the Design Process page to explain all the steps in creating your custom coin. You can also check out our Finishes page to see all finishes available. Visit our Edges page to see the various edges you can get on your product.

I’m not very good at drawing/designing. Can you still make me a coin?

We certainly can! We’ll take what you describe to us and turn it into a drawing using Adobe software. We’ll send you a sample to review and work with you until we get it right. We’ve received everything from napkins with sketches to near final digital artwork. We aren’t happy until you are happy.